IBAN2Card & Card2IBAN

A fully branded solution for cross-border p2p transfers between any Visa / Mastercard and IBANs.

Service partners:

Created for

  • European union issuers and banks
  • Other financial institutions
  • Fintech
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Implementation via

Web interface

Integrate service on a website and get a fully branded interface through web-form. A customized payment form will be placed in PCI DSS environment.


Use API for transfers and build your own service: integrate it in a mobile app or web.

Service functionality

  • Consumer sign up + KYC through client’s online banking
  • Mandate process for the account (s)/IBANs confirmation
  • Verification of consumer Visa/Mastercard through 3D Secure or random amount transactions
  • Full 3D transactions for Card2IBAN
  • 5000 EURO max amount to send, no minimum limit

Steps for the service implementation

  1. Create customer fees at your discretion (partner margin = customer fees — SBC service fees).
  2. Sign a single contract with Finstrument for IBAN2Card white-label service.
  3. Provide white-label customization marketing pack.
  4. Place a link to the White-label service on a financial institution website.
  5. Integrate front-level support procedures and instructions for customers' support.
  6. Perform a marketing campaign.
How to start
Leave a request.
Get technical documentation.
Sign the agreement, integrate the solution.
Launch the payment solution
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