Apple Pay and Google Pay

One-touch purchases using Apple Pay and Google Pay in your mobile application.

Provide your clients with modern and secure payment solutions.

Get a ready-to-use SDK library and activate payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay in your mobile app.
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150 million people worldwide use Apple Pay and Google Pay. Offer your clients these hot payment solutions to boost sales via the mobile app.
purchase conversion rate
Clients no longer need a bank card to pay for their purchases: one click in the mobile app will do the job. Easy payment processes will increase your purchase conversion rate.
Based on a study by
Juniper Research

Payer’s data and payment security

Bank card data is not stored on the users’ mobile devices or on Apple/Google servers. All payments are processed in a secure PCI DSS environment.

Uniform traffic management system

Control Apple Pay and Google Pay traffic the same way you control the transactions flow: apply any routing rules, integrate loyalty systems, set up anti-fraud filters and generate analytical reports.

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