Risk management

Powerful anti-fraud system built into Finstrument solutions blocks only fraudsters without impacting genuine shoppers.


Save your reputation and money

A powerful anti-fraud system based on machine-learning technologies will provide you with full visibility of your transaction flow.

Multi-stage anti-fraud system

The system includes 150+ antifraud filters to suit your specific business needs. Activate ready-to-use sets of options or tweak filters one by one based on the corporate risk management policy.

Filters will block fraudulent transactions based on any criterion combination (card type, issuing country, bank, currency, etc.).

Customer behavior analysis

The Finstrument system analyses customer behavior based on the fraud profile typical of your business type. Every transaction is checked alongside normal behavior. In case of detection of suspicious behavior, the payment shall be blocked or suspended pending the operator’s decision.

Activate ready-to-use profiles built into the system or create your own. In this case, your previous six-month transaction analysis is taken as a basis.

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